Sunday, June 27, 2010



People might say that short semester is the time to break for a society or an association in university. However, for SOCASA, we took this opportunity to make some plans for our becoming programmes. During this short semester, even though many main board of SOCASA are doing their practical, however, some representatives left and doing short semester were responsible to updating the progress on SOCASA's programme. So, during last short sem, we did some meeting to plan some programmes for short sem, and for long semester 1 and 2 (10/11).

During short semester, we held our first meeting to discuss about our programme in this semester. This meeting was conducted by our Vice President 1, Bro. Muhardi and his partner Bro. Ismail who were doing their practical at Muslim Aid, one of humanitarian agency, shared their ideas in make up one programme that is to collect donation for Rumah Titian Kaseh (RTK). They made brief stories about the needs of RTK and by that, we agreed to help in collecting some donation for RTK.

Paper cutting about the needs in RTK: RM2.5 mil to help RTK

In response to this, we chose some strategic places like at cafe and mahallah to collect donations.

Meanwhile doing this programme, we did discuss about our becoming programme in Sem 1 10/11 like Social Work Programme and Qurban in collaboration with Muslim Aid. Those programme will be updated in becoming news.


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