Monday, July 26, 2010



On 18th July 2010, we worked for our board and our new Social Service Unit (SSU) room besides our department. This room provides facility like an Operation Room. Hopefully, by having this room, we can work comfortably. Thanks to our HOD for allowing us to use this room.




Saturday, July 17, 2010


Mdm Azura and Sir Anuar

sharing moment before lunch

full attention from SOCASA members

SOCASA members had a lunch together with their lecturer MADAM AZURA and SIR KHAIRUL ANUAR.This lunch was held in order to strengthen the relationship between lecturer and student especially SOCASA members.It is important to maintain the relationship between lecturer and student because this relationship is a long lasting relationship.It is not only relationship in the class that we should stress on but outside the class as well.

This lunch was also held to honor both of them who worked hard to ensure our practicum that was done in short semester running smoothly.For MADAM AZURA and SIR KHAIRUL ANUAR your help and attention are highly appreciated.